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Lone Samurai of the Pen and Paper
30 June 1970
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The official bit -

Tony Lee was born in West London, UK in 1970. Informed by a teacher that he had a comic book style of writing, (a comment meant more as an insult), Tony decided that one day he would write for comics.

Tony has written for a variety of mediums including Radio 4, British and American Television and both local and national newspapers. He has also written several award winning local radio campaigns. In 1991 he wrote for a small press comics publisher, of which only one project, The Cost of Miracles in Comic Speculator News was ever printed, and remains his first professional printed comic work. He thinks that apart from himself, only one or two others still have this. He pays them a lot of money to keep it this way.

Moving away from comics, he went back into trade journalism and media marketing. His small press magazine Burnt Offerings was a minor seller on both sides of the Atlantic, and was the first esoteric magazine to interview mainstream creators like Terry Pratchett and Pat Mills.

Since returning to comics in 2003, he has written for a variety of publishers including Marvel Comics (X-Men, Amazing Fantasy, Spider Man), Games Workshop (Warhammer Monthly), Panini Comics (Doctor Who), Mongoose Publishing (Starship Troopers), Titan Publishing (Wallace & Gromit Magazine, Dreamworks Tales), Markosia Enterprises (The Gloom, Midnight Kiss, Shadowmancer, Brothers - The Fall of Lucifer, Doppleganger Chronicles, Hope Falls). Markosia also re-printed his Starship Troopers trilogy as a 12 part maxi-series of three four-part arcs, and he wrote a further four issues of the ongoing series before passing it on. Added to this he agreed to adapt Anthony Horowitz's Power of Five series into graphic format for Walker Books, the first - Raven's Gate is due out in 2010.

With Sam Hart, he produced a new Graphic Novel - Outlaw: The Legend Of Robin Hood, for Walker Books. The next in the series, Excalibur: The Legend Of King Arthur is currently in production.

With Y The Last Man's Pia Guerra on primary art duties, he wrote a six part Doctor Who story for IDW called Doctor Who: The Forgotten. It came out in 08/09. In February 2009 he was announced as the writer of the ongoing Doctor Who series for IDW, beginning July 2009.

He has a new Graphic Novel out from AiT/PlanetLar in 2010 named Dodge & Twist, a story of the characters of Oliver Twist, twelve years on. Also with AiT/PlanetLar is Journal, a graphic romance, drawn by Bevis Musson.

In October, his graphic novel From The Pages Of Bram Stoker's Dracula: Harker comes out from AAM/Markosia. Set six months after the events of Dracula and before the end note, this graphic novel will also have introductions by Great Grand-Nephew Dacre Stoker, Ian Holt and Leslie S. Klinger.

He is also writing several books including Conversations With My Mother.

Tony is also an accomplished Bard and performer, and has held the High Bard chair of the East Sussex Broomstick Rally on several occasions. His lecture Creating Gods for fun and Profit and his series of lectures on Bards and Ritual Magic were received to critical acclaim, and he still lectures occasionally in London, the Midlands and Sussex. As a Covent Garden Street Performer in the 90's, he performed 'The Scarlet Blade' Street Theatre show at the Edinburgh Festival and at locations across the UK, convincing members of the public to act out an insane pantomime for his amusement.

Added to this Tony is an accomplished Storyteller, and has performed at libraries, campfires, events and schools across the country - and in 2003 around the Wadi Rum bedouin campfire in Jordan.

Tony currently lives in Wanstead, London with his fiancee Tracy and a large collection of trashy books and films.

The other bit -

This livejournal is where he'll post up snippets about his writing work, beg you to help his books get publicity and in general pimp himself in the third person.

The personal bit -

It is also a personal journal, although many of those posts are FRIENDS ONLY. If you are not friended and feel that you should be, please comment.